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hiking in Canyonlands Natl Park

peering into Anasazi ruins

Anasazi Odyssey

Canyonlands National Park
& Rafting the San Juan River

On this trip you'll experience the glory and mystery of the Southwest.

You'll spend four days hiking in the incredibly beautiful Needles area of Canyonlands National Park with its arches and spires, awesome canyons, rock art, and ruins. You'll learn about the ancient Anasazi from local experts and hike to remote ruins such as Moon House, a fine example of an Anasazi cliff dwelling with corn cobs still in the granary and potsherds lying on the ground.

You'll spend two days on the San Juan River and see pictographs, cliff dwellings, and perhaps even bighorn sheep as we float down this timeless river and enjoy the quiet grandeur of the Southwest.

Sunny and balmy Indian summer weather is typical for this time of year, and the cottonwoods will be ablaze with fall colors.

  • Activity:
    Hiking Light
  • Date: To be rescheduled in September 2002
  • Rating: Easy to Moderate
  • Cost: $1295
  • Deposit: $400

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