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Backpacking The Grand Canyon:
Bright Angel Trail with Side Trip to Clear Creek & Flighsee of the Canyon

April 30-May 7, 2000
Rating: BKPK/Challenging
Cost: $1350
Deposit: $400
Experience the wonder and the challenge of the Grand Canyon with us on this exciting backpacking odyssey. This 36-mile backpacking trip starts with a flightsee of the Grand Canyon.

We'll hike down the Bright Angel Trail to Phantom Ranch. Then from Phantom Ranch we will hike up to the Tonto Plateau and into Clear Creek. Our route takes us into a remote and little-visited part of The Canyon past sublimely beautiful formations: Zoroaster Temple, the Ottoman Amphitheatre, Thor Temple. From our Clear Creek camp we can hike into side canyons toward Chevaya Falls (highest fall in the Grand Canyon) and see the sunset on Angel's Gate. From the Colorado River, we'll have mules take our packs out to the South Rim. A cozy room with a hot shower and dinner at a South Rim restaurant await you at the end of the trail.

Elevation of North Rim: 8241';
Elevation of South Rim: 6860';
Elevation of Tonto Plateau: 3600';
Elevation of Colorado River: 2400'.
Group size limit: 9 members only.

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