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breakast is served! fresh biscuits and sausages

Outdoors Cooking Course

You love to camp, and wish you could make a nice meal for friends and family when you do?

This course will introduce you to the joys of cooking and eating well outdoors. You'll learn about home-drying food, pre-trip food prep, and the ecologically sound camp kitchen.

You'll also learn about camp stoves and other equipment, so you can make the best choices for your cooking style. The course will cover how to safely operate and care for your camp stove.

This class will be a day of hands-on cooking at Tilden Park in Berkeley. You'll cook simple recipes for the spartan backpacker, as well as more ambitious dishes such as Sherried Mushrooms and Sweet Peppers, and Thai Evil Jungle Prince (which tastes much better than it sounds). To satisfy the sweet tooth, you'll also bake brownies. At the end of the day, we'll sit down together and enjoy the feast we've prepared.

Women who are taking this class as part of the Wilderness Skills Course will also do pre-trip food prep with Carole.

Carole Latimer, author of Wilderness Cuisine, will be teaching the course. A copy of her cookbook is included in the price.

The next time you go camping, you may be serving pasta puttanesca, Indian curry, or Tex-Mex chicken tacos, to the delight of your companions.

  • To be rescheduled for 2002
  • This class is open to both women and men.
  • The cost is $75. The price includes food, equipment for you to use, and the cookbook, Wilderness Cuisine by Carole Latimer.

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Learn more about the Wilderness Cuisine cookbook by Carole Latimer.

Try some of our recipes: Herbed Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Pesto, and Chicken Piccata.

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