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Wilderness Skills/Guide School
Hone your wilderness skills and/or train to be a guide. Carole Latimer shares her 22 years of experience in a course that consists of four nights of class (required reading: 4 books), a day of outdoor cooking, and two backpacking trips. Qualified women who want to be Call of the Wild guides will go on to complete the training by assisting on trips. 
Cost: All 3 sections may be taken for $1250/$300 deposit, or taken separately (see below). Call us for details.

Outdoor Cooking
Outdoor Cooking
May 25, 2000
7-10PM at 2519 Cedar, Berkeley
May 27, 10AM-4PM at Tilden Park, Berkeley
Cost: $75
; includes Wilderness Cuisine by Carole Latimer, all food, and is open to men & women (Outdoor Cooking class only).
This class will introduce you to the joys of cooking and eating well outdoors. We'll cover home-drying food, pre-trip prep, the ecologically sound camp kitchen, and more. On the day at Tilden, we'll bake cornbread and brownies and cook simple recipes for the spartan backpacker as well as more ambitious fare (Thai "Evil Jungle Prince") for the chef-on-the-trail.
Wilderness Skills Classes, Lecture & Discussion

April 4,6, 25 & 27, 2000

Carole shares a lifetime of wilderness lore—how to stay warm and dry in a storm, keeping your pack lightweight, how to take a hot bath when plumbing is just a memory. Also: outdoor leadership, map and compass, group dynamics, wilderness safety, care for the environment.
Level 1 Wilderness Skills Trip
Yosemite: Merced River Canyon Loop 
with climb of Half Dome
May 30-June 4, 2000
Cost: $650
Deposit: $200
The theoretical becomes practical as we apply skills learned in the classroom. Map and compass, safety, cooking, No-trace camping—and possibly dealing with adverse weather—will be emphasized. Our route goes up the Merced River Canyon past many gorgeous waterfalls and loops around to join the John Muir Trail. The bare granite domes and other obvious topographic features in this country make this a perfect trip for learning to read topographical maps. Our trip culminates in a climb of Half Dome before we head back to Happy Isles in Yosemite Valley.
Level 2 Wilderness Skills Trip
High Sierra Adventure: Sequoia/Kings Canyon, The Evolution Region

July 21-29, 2000
Rating: Challenging
Cost: $895
Deposit: $300
"The Evolution Region," wrote mountaineer Walter Starr, Jr., "is where the grand crescendo of the Sierra touches at once the heart of the mountaineer and the artist." We'll cross three passes over 11,000 feet and pass by lakes John Muir named after his daughters. We'll camp by exquisite Evolution Lake in the shadow of Mt. Darwin and Mt. Mendel and our outdoor classroom in this rugged country will focus on off-trail travel, map reading, no-trace camping, safety, and non-technical climbing, with much discussion of outdoor leadership and group dynamics. If your spirit is drawn to high places, if you're a strong, stout-hearted woman and an experienced backpacker, don't miss this premier high Sierra adventure.
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