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Trip Highlights

Day 1 Travel to Loreto...Days 2-3 Travel to San Ignacio Lagoon, whalewatching...Day 4 More whalewatching and return to Loreto...Days 5-6 Kayaking, snorkeling and beach strolls on Sea of Cortez; sightseeing and shopping in Loreto...Day 7 Tour of mountain mission village, hike and mule ride...Day 8 Fly home

Accommodations: 5 nights beach-front hotel, 2 nights camping

Both Sides of Baja

Whale Watching in San Ignacio Lagoon & Kayaking in the Sea of Cortez

Leave winter behind, and join us in sunny Baja. We'll explore the best of both sides of the Baja peninsula.

On the Pacific side, we'll whalewatch and hopefully meet some friendly whales close up in San Ignacio Lagoon. Then, on the Sea of Cortez side, we'll kayak, snorkel, hike, and otherwise enjoy the fabulous landscape of Baja.

We'll spend three days in San Ignacio Lagoon with Pachico Mayoral, one of the first people to have a friendly encounter with a whale back in the 1970s. Now Pachico runs a local tour operation in which his entire family is involved.

In the past, mother whales and their newborn calves have approached the boats in San Ignacio Lagoon, and even let people reach down and pet them! We'll have a very good chance of encounters with friendly whales (Pachico says 80% to 85% in favor).

Even if we can't touch any whales, they will be close by, only 10 to 15 feet away. You'll see whales spyhopping, breaching, rolling, and often spraying towards the boats.

Then we'll travel back to Loreto and explore this charming town. Loreto has cobblestone streets, a friendly atmosphere, gorgeous views, and arts and crafts shops.

We'll kayak, snorkel, and explore coves and off-shore islands in the beautiful Sea of Cortez. If you're new to kayaking, our experienced local guides will teach you how.

On our last sightseeing day we'll visit a mountain mission village. You can do a dayhike in the canyons, or take a mule ride along the original El Camino Real trail.

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