The soul blossoms when you leave behind the expectations of everyday life, and meet the challenge of the outdoors with the support and enthusiasm of others.

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Press and Media

Bend Business Journal

Celebrating 2015 Entrepreneur of the Year, COTWA and owner Emilie Cortes, “It was a great honor,” Cortes said about winning Entrepreneur of the Year. “It was a lot of validation for the hard work I’ve done in the last three years to really turn the company around, bring it into the 21st century and make it something I’m proud of. “I believe in the work that that a chamber of commerce does. Chambers are truly a voice for the business community,” she said. “I’ve met some of my best friends through the Bend Chamber. It’s a really great way to meet people and integrate yourself into the business community.”


MUSE Magazine

Up close and personal with COTWA owner, Emilie Cortes, "I think perfect happiness may be a concept that is idealized in American culture and could set us up for perpetual dissatisfaction. The Buddhist concept of detachment has been really helpful to me in my personal quest for happiness...To feel the fear and do it anyway."


Chicago Tribune

Millennials want to go on their own, while older women prefer guided trips in a group, said Emilie Cortes, president of Call of the Wild, where 75 percent of women join tours by themselves. "They've had their careers, they've had their families. They are ready to travel," she said. "It's a generational trend."

An awesome interview with COTWA owner, Emilie Cortes, from blogger, Mountain Khakis, on adventure and women-only vacations. "My personal mission is to empower women to feel more power, look at challenges and obstacles differently, and take more risk in their lives. The outdoors provide a perfect arena to explore self-limiting believes, challenge ourselves, and create community."

COTWA's infamous Mt Whitney backpacking trip this August is featured and highlighted in adventure outdoor website,, highlighting the highest peak in the lower 48 states! Be a Whitney Woman!


Feminine Warrior Project

Co-founder of Feminine Warrior Project, Almine, interviews a powerful Emilie Cortes, owner of Call of the Wild Adventures, Inc.

Emilie felt she was transformed by her personal experiences in the wilderness which developed her confidence to take a big risk – leaving the safety of Corporate America to join the ranks of small business owners. Emilie’s mission is to empower others through keynote speaking and guiding in the wilderness.


The Source Weekly

Call of the Wild Adventures, Inc owner, Emilie Cortes, delivers OSU-Cascades commencement speech on risk and fear. 

"I think that fearlessness is bull," Cortes says, "but working through it is inspiring."



Call of the Wild Adventures, Inc. is pleased to announce an exciting new trip offering for the adventurous female traveler.  In 2016, we are running the Rwenzoris trek in the high mountains of Uganda in East Africa to celebrate International Women's Day!

“This is an amazing opportunity to impact both the wonderful Bakonjo women of the region, as well as provide an unusually enriching experience for our female trekking clients.



Adventurer and our very own buisness leader, Emilie Cortes, to deliver commencement address at OSU-Cascades ceremony, June 14th. 

“Emilie embodies both professional excellence and personal passion,” said OSU-Cascades Vice President Becky Johnson.  “Her story of taking a risk to find her true professional calling will inspire our graduates as they prepare to embark on their own careers.”

The Adventure Travel Association is celebrating with Call of the Wild Adventures, Inc in graciously awarded the 2015 Bend Chamber of Commerce Entreprenuer of the Year Award!!

"It’s incredibly important to give back to the communities where we live and work. Having a vibrant community is critical to our collective happiness and success. We tend to focus on organizations and projects that 1) empower young girls and women via positive experiences in the outdoors, or 2) protect the wild places we love and in which we operate. You don’t have to be a huge company with a big budget to make an impact – we find creative ways to support others.”

Interested in joining us on this trip of lifetime as covered in the March issue representing our Tour du Mont Blanc July trip!

"Trip of a lifetime!"

The Bulletin

Bend Chamber of Commerce seeks award nominee to present first Woman of the Year and Call of the Wild Adventures Owner, Emilie Cortes, invited to present a short speech on film for women and leadership through personal passion. 

“There’s the other half of the equation,” Cortes said. “How we show up, how we allow those social connections to limit us. We can be successful by speaking up, demonstrating we’re credible, exercising leadership.”

Bend Chamber Journal Women in Business March 2015

Emilie Cortes and Call of the Wild Adventures featured and highlighted on pp 9-11 in Bend Chamber Journal!

"It's simply ingrained in many cultures to believe that women cannot be self-suffi cient in life in general, let alone in the wilderness. In this way, we are leading by example. The environment is simply more open, supportive and tends to have less competitive pressure when the trip is all women.

I am enthusiastic about partnering with and supporting other local businesses,” Cortes said. “Growing 'the pie' is far more productive than individual companies competing for small slices of the pie. If we all continue to support each other here in Bend, we can create positive impact and growth within our city that ripples outward to Central Oregon, the rest of the state and well beyond."

My Turn ToasterMasters Magazine, March 2015

Owner and mountaineer leader, Emilie Cortes, of Call of the Wild Adventure speaks truth to public speaking.

"Two things have helped me get over my fear of public speaking: 1) methodically working through the Toastmasters program; and 2) climbing mountains. Both activities came into my life at about the same time.

Now that I have been in a few survival situations, I have a better sense of what is to truly be feared in life.Climbing has caused me to look at life differently in many ways. I see now that we are often our own worst enemies, holding ourselves back from success because of a paralyzing fear of failure and a lack of belief in ourselves. As I worked toward bigger and tougher mountains, I also worked through my Competent Communication and Competent Leader manuals. While honing my mountain-climbing skills, I learned how to speak up and how to lead. "

Check out this rad February feature supporting Call of the Wild Adventures of our new Smith Rock& Yoga September trip!

"Adventures on the rocks!"

The Marker Magazine

Call of the Wild Adventures have been featured by The Marker Magazine in Israel in their women's issue! So cool!

Article in Israeli telling about Call of The Wild

 The Bulletin

Emilie Cortes of  Call fo the Wild Adventures Inc, to be nominated in Bend Chamber of Commerce first Woman of the Year Awards.

“There’s the other half of the equation,” Cortes said. “How we show up, how we allow those social connections to limit us. We can be successful by speaking up, demonstrating we’re credible, exercising leadership.”  The Bulletin, February 2015


Emilie Cortes of Call of the Wild Adventures, Inc is represented for her adventure travel company by women and for women. 

"By far, my clients are my greatest reward. Just this past week, I had lunch with a client locally to get feedback on her trip experience. She actually cried when told me the trip was a "life changing" experience for her. If my clients didn't love their experience so much, I wouldn't feel rewarded and it would be a sign that I didn't have a solid product!" MisAdventures Magazine, January 2015


Emilie Cortes featured in Georgina Miranda's #FoundHer series highlighting female entrepreneurs. FoundHer, December 2014

The 2015 Woman’s Advantage® Shared Wisdom Calendar.

Emilie Cortes of Call of the Wild Adventures, Inc. was selected from over 5,000 submissions to be featured in The 2015 Woman’s Advantage® Shared Wisdom Calendar. 

I-Newswire, October, 2014

Create Your Own Reality, Amazing Women of Power Radio

Call of the Wild Adventures, President, Emilie Cortes interviewed by Amazing Women of Power Radio

Create your reality, June 2014

Podcast, June 2014

Emilie Cortes and Call of the Wild Adventures, featured in U Magazine-June Edition, Bend Bulletin

U Magazine, Bend Bulletin, June 2014

Call of the Wild Adventures, Inc. and Emilie Cortes in Forbes Magazine 

Call of the Wild Adventures, Inc. and Emilie Cortes in Forbes Magazine

Forbes, Magazine, May 2014

Owner, Emilie Cortes, featured in The Bend Buzz Blog by Visit Bend

Visit Bend, April 2014

Call of the Wild Adventures, Inc. has been honored with a nomination for the 2014 Bend Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneur of the Year award.

 I-Newswire, April 15, 2014

Emilie Cortes featured on A Congruent Life Podcast, Inspirational Stories of Authenticity and Reinvention

Call of the Wild Mt Kenya Trek Highlighted by "Sounds like a bucket list trip!", April 2014

Adventure Travel Association News, April 2014 

Owner, Emilie Cortes, tapped for "experiential interview" for the Stanford University online class EP 101 Your Body in the World: Adapting to Your Next Big Adventure, February 7, 2014




Call of the Wild was featured in a local lifestyle show in Bend called myWindow. Click on the video to watch!



Our brand new Yoga & Yosemite: A Journey In Transformation July 2014 trip has been featured in:, January 10, 2014, January 2014

 AdventureNews, January 14, 2014

 TrailblazerGirl readers rated our Annapurna Base Camp trek in Nepal as the "Top Hike of 2013"!, December 3, 2013, December 27, 2013 Serves as Crisis Management Tool for Call of the Wild

"Call of the Wild Adventures, Inc. (“COTWA”) and clients have continued to reap the benefits of the partnership with Pathwrangler.  Although Pathwrangler is intended primarily to enhance the client experience and streamline communication for tour operators, Emilie Cortes, President of Call of the Wild, discovered another invaluable component to managing trips with the online trip management system – crisis management."

Adventure Travel Trade Association News, December 3, 2013

 Call of the Wild Adventures to Support Project Eve's 2013 Shop the Movement Campaign

"Call of the Wild Adventures, Inc., the longest running provider of world-class women's adventure travel, is pleased to announce that it will be pledging 5% of profits throughout Project Eve's 2013 Shop the Movement campaign. 

Shop the Movement focuses on empowering and supporting the 8.6 million women-owned businesses in the United States. Its keystone is an online shopping event where women-owned companies will sell their services to the more than 1 million members of the Project Eve community. Project Eve is a mentorship, networking and support network that seeks to bring more women into the business world, ensure equality and increase opportunity for women to succeed and prosper." 

I-Newswire, November 15, 2013

 Call of the Wild Partners with PathWrangler to Take their Trips to the Next Level in ATTA Member Success Story

"Call of the Wild Adventures, Inc connected through the ATTA as an early adopter of PathWrangler, the premier online trip management system, with great success.  Getting their clients prepared for active vacations when they have varying degrees of experience is quite the challenge. Call of the Wild turned to Pathwrangler to provide them with a platform to communicate essential trip information and last minute changes while enabling clients and guides to build relationships and engage with each other pre and post-trip."

Adventure Travel Trade Association News, September 10, 2013

 Call of the Wild Adventures President, Emilie Cortes, to deliver keynote speech!

"Call of the Wild Adventures President, Emilie Cortes, will deliver the keynote speech at the GirlVentures EMPOWER! Breakfast Fundraiser on Oct 23, 2013 at the Hyatt Regency Grand Ballroom in San Francisco.  Since its founding in 1997, GirlVentures programs have touched the lives of more than 4,000 adolescent girls in the Bay Area.

Ms. Cortes will speak about the personal transformation that climbing the world’s tallest mountains had on her personal and professional development in the world of finance and investments before she took over Call of the Wild." 

I-Newswire, August 22, 2013

 Dream Job Interview: From Hedge Funds to Mountain Peaks

“I will be out of the country on a scouting trip in Northern Norway.”

This was the email response I got from Emilie when I wrote to ask a clarifying question on an article I was writing on her women’s outdoor company, Call of the Wild...Some women leave corporate America to have babies, others to open bakeries, and some, like me, plan lifestyle businesses on exotic beaches. Emilie, however, left for the mountains.

Heidi Isern's Blog, August 1, 2013

 TrailblazerGirl featured our Annapurna Base Camp trek!, July 2013

 Call of the Wild to Adopt Smith Rock State Park

"Call of the Wild Adventures of Bend, OR has signed an agreement with Smith Rock State Park to formally adopt the park for one year beginning June 1, 2013 and renewable annually."

I-Newswire, July 2013

 Adventures Call for Women

"In a nutshell, we like to say we are in the bucket list business!' " -Emilie Cortes, President

Bend Chamber Business Journal, July 2013

 Call of the Wild Trek Commemorates 1st American Ascent of Annapurna

"Call of the Wild Adventures, Inc., a leading provider of women’s adventure vacations, will lead a trek to the Annapurna Base Camp of Nepal to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the first American team to summit the world’s tenth highest mountain. Call of the Wild President, accomplished mountaineer and wilderness guide Emilie Cortes will guide the 17-day trek in November 2013."

I-Newswire, June 2013

 Beyond the girlfriend getaway: best bucket list adventures for women only

“I have a multi-sport Thailand trip that includes living with elephants for four days and a multi-sport Iceland trip that involves hiking followed by viewing the Aurora Borealis from a natural hot spring,” Emilie Cortes, president of Call of the Wild, a pioneer in women’s adventure trips, told “Both are in 2014, and even though we haven’t even advertised them yet, they’re basically pre-sold and nearly full based on repeat customers. There is no way that would have been the case in 2009.” Emilie Cortes, Call of the Wild

Fox News, May 2013

 A client recounts her experience trekking with us in Nepal. 

"All but one of the women on the trip was over 50, ages I knew I could keep up with. They came from all over the United States — Maine, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Texas, California — and from Canada. We were new to one another, but not new to hiking or camping. We each came with our own past adventures to share." Carol Cavagnaro, Client

Napa Register, February 2013

 TrailblazerGirl rated our Nepal trip as one of the top 3 events of 2012!, December 2012

 Our 7 day John Muir Trail backpacks were featured here:

Voyeur, Virgin Australia, November 2012

 Our Yosemite Snowshoe weekend was listed as one of the seven best snow covered adventures!

GORP, November 2012

 Full John Muir Trail (all 211 miles) highlighted:, July 2012


How do you Find a Qualified Guide?

"My guides are not only the finest in their field, but they also love what they do and it shows."  Kate Reid, Call of the Wild

Backpacker Magazine, March 2012

 Why is your staff the best in the business?

"Keep records of all conversations with your agency and get written confirmation"  Kate Reid, Call of the Wild

Style Magazine, Welcome Call of the Wild to Folsom, CA

 What makes for a great Adventure Vacation?

"You don’t have to ask permission to get away, or apologize for wanting to, says Dr. Lombardo. But you do have to let yourself go. Try these tips to break free of the guilt for good..." Laura Manske, Woman's Day Magazine

Woman's Day Magazine, Plan a Girlfriend Getaway


March 2011

"The guides at Call of the Wild are a group of dedicated and seasoned adventurers who will make sure that your adventure does not end up like Amelia Earhart’s." Ted Nelson,, Respond to the Call of the Wild


February 2011

National Parks Traveler, Women Only Travel


January 2011

Washington Post, Tips for Solo Travelers, Women Only Adventure Travel with Call of the Wild, Take a Women's Only Winter Adventure with Call of the Wild

Small Business Trends (Podcast), Redying your Small Business for a Better Economy


December 2010, Active Trips for Women


November 2010

Australian Geographic Magazine, Hiking in the High Sierra, Women Adventurers Heed the Call of the Wild

October 2010, Unique Vacations for Women Only, Women's Adventure Travel is a Growing Subset of Adventure Travel

Shermans Travel, Women Only Adventures with Leading Outfitter on Deck
Upscale Living Magazine, Gourmet Cuisine in the Great Outdoors


September 2010

Backpacker Magazine, Backcountry Cooking Skills

Palm Beach Illustrated, Adventure and Anasazi Stew


November 2008

USA Weekend Magazine, Girlfriend Getaways & Mancations


October 2008

San Francisco Chronicle, Call of the Wild Guide Profile: Amanda Basler


May 2006

Cooking Light Magazine, Fine Food in Wild Places



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