The soul blossoms when you leave behind the expectations of everyday life, and meet the challenge of the outdoors with the support and enthusiasm of others.

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Photo Gallery: Beginnings

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The first Call of the Wild trip in 1978. Quick! Which one is Carole Latimer? (Answer: person on far left)

The first pretrip class, given in Carole's living room in Berkeley

Carole and her dog Shenka on an early backpacking trip.

Carole says that Shenka is a founder of Call of the Wild, too.

If you remember this brochure, you've known us a long time.

Wilderness trips for $35, backpacking classes for $25!

Our first trip to the paradise of Havasu, 1979.

Stretch to the sky.

Watch out, babe on skis!

Skiing trips, lessons, and hijinks began in 1979.

Morning on a Lake Tahoe canoe trip. Pass the coffee!

Jogging by Lake Tahoe

On Sierra waters...

...and in Sierra waters— Travertine Hotsprings

Backpacking in the Sierra, too. Showers Lake...

...and Sonora Pass

Get out the color film! Sierra photo workshop, 1981.

Camping at Meiss Lake, 1982.

Rockclimbing at Joshua Tree...

Taught by expert climber Amy Fillin

Climbing Mt Shasta in 1984.

It was memorable!

A trip to the Big Sur hotsprings in the 80s — we still like to go here every year.

The Lost Coast in 1989. We like to go here every year, too.

Another popular trip, hiking Kauai

Arriving in Kauai's Kalalau Valley, 1986

Do you remember this one? Our brochure in 1988.

Backpacking the Grand Canyon, 1988

In 1984, the beginning of a Call of the Wild tradition — the annual trip to climb Mt Whitney.

A group in the early 90s, on the Mt Whitney summit.

A convivial group on our Transsierra backpack, 1993.

Call of the Wild goes to the dogs.

Sled dogs, that a dogsled trip over Carson Pass in the Sierra. Mush!

Our first Alaska trip in 1993.

On the plane for the flight view of Ruth Glacier.