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Herbed Sun-Dried Tomatoes in Olive Oil

We have these sun-dried tomatoes on almost every Call of the Wild trip, either for lunch or as an appetizer before dinner. I usually serve them with either crackers or bread, goat cheese, and a dollop of pesto—and they get rave reviews from everyone.

1½ cups sun-dried tomatoes, cut in julienne strips
½ cup olive oil
15-20 cloves garlic, peeled and left whole
1 tsp. paprika
1 tsp. oregano
2 tsp.ground coriander
½ tsp. salt
10 whole peppercorns
1/3 cup Marukan seasoned gourmet rice vinegar
2 TB basalmic vinegar

At Home:

1. Rehydrate tomatoes with boiling water to cover (only about 20 minutes, take care not to soak too long or they will get mushy). When rehydrated, drain and gently squeeze out excess water.

2. While tomatoes are rehydrating, gently saute peeled whole garlic cloves in olive oil at low heat for about 15 minutes or more. The garlic should get soft and spreadable. This may seem like a lot of garlic, but when cooked in this way it becomes very mild.

3. When garlic is soft, stir in spices, salt and peppercorns and cook for 5 more minutes.

4. Add rehydrated tomatoes and cook for another 5 to 7minutes. Stir in vinegars and immediately remove from heat. Let cool and spoon into a nalgene wide mouth bottle.

Keep in a cool place in your pack.

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