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hiking in Kauai

Our trips run the gamut from easy-going hikes with lodging on tropical beaches to challenging backpacking at high altitudes.

Our ratings are assigned within the context of the kind of trip. So remember—a beginning backpacking trip, rated Easy, will be significantly more difficult than a hiking trip with the same rating!

When we judge the difficulty in our trips, we look at factors such as the trip length, the pace, the altitude, elevation changes, and daily mileage.

The chart below will give you ratings and typical mileage for our trips.

relaxing on John Muir Trail

Per Day
Hiking Light
Ski & Snowshoe
Easy 2-4 mpd

Yosemite Beginner Backpack

Lake Tahoe Wildflower Hikes

Mexico: Oaxaca

to Moderate
4-6 mpd

Lost Coast Beginner Backpack

Lake Tahoe Indian Summer Hikes

Lake Tahoe Autumn Leaves Hikes

Peru: Amazon Basin, Manu

Lake Tahoe Cross-Country Ski and Snowshoe

Moderate 5-9 mpd

Big Sur Backpack

Canyonlands National Park

Copper Canyon, Mexico

Havasu Grand Canyon

Sequoia National Park: Big Tress Hikes

Zion & Bryce National Parks

Moderate to
9-10 mpd

Yosemite Classic Backpack

Muir Wilderness Humphrey's Basin

Wild New Zealand

Challenging 10 or more mpd

Grand Canyon Backpack

Mt Whitney Backpack

South Lake to North Lake Backpack

Mt Whitney
with Mulepack

Peru: Machu Picchu

Yosemite Half Dome Summit

Per Day
Hiking Light
Ski &


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