Day 1 - Arrival at Flagstaff, AZ
Day 2 - Hike to Supai Village & Havasu Creek
Day 3 - Hike to Navajo Falls
Day 4 - Optional Hike to Colorado River
Day 5 - Play Day, Swim Near Camp or Explore Mooney Falls
Day 6 - Hike Back to Hualpai Hilltop
Day 7 - Departure from Flagstaff, AZ

2 Nights Hotel, 4 Nights Camping
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We've been visiting Havasu's legendary blue-green waterfalls since 1979. Join us and hike into the Grand Canyon's Havasu Indian Reservation while mules carry our gear to our base camp next to the legendary falls.

This is a land of high canyon walls and sparkling waterfalls cascading hundreds of feet into turquoise pools. The Havasupai speak their own language and still bring in their supplies by mule train.

You can make this a take-it-easy trip: swim, sit by the waterfalls, enjoy the hammocks, look for fossils, and visit the village. Or join us on the challenging hike to the Colorado River. On this 12-mile round-trip hike we cross Havasu Creek 16 times and also do some minor rock climbing. This is a hike to test your mettle!

Each day, your guides will prepare Call of the Wild's legendary cuisine and guide you along some of the United States most unique terrain.  Join us for this great hiking adventure!  

“Thank you so much for everything. It's an incredible outlet that you offer women, it's empowering and tons of fun. Your organization, cooking and attention to detail are just exemplary.” —Kelly Huber

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Havasu in the Grand Canyon with Mule Pack
Hiking the Land of Blue-Green Waters

Date: May 07 - 13, 2011

Rating: Easy to Moderate

Cost: $1595

Deposit: $500

Note: Prices subject to change
until a deposit is made.

Space Available: Yes

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