Day 1 - Buenos Aires

Day 2 - Buenos Aires

Day 3 - Bariloche

Day 4 - Villa La Angostura

Day 5 - Rio Azul

Day 6 - Los Laguitos

Day 7 - Rio Azul

Day 8 - Villa la Futalaufquen

Day 9 - Los Alerces National Park

Day 10 - Los Alerces National Park

Day 11 - Bariloche

Day 12 - Buenos Aires

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The Lakes District of Patagonia, home to dense forests, glacial lakes, rugged, volcanic peaks and world class hiking has attracted trekkers from around the globe for years.  Our itinerary starts in Buenos Aires with sightseeing in this amazing city before heading south to the Lakes District of Patagonia, where our trek begins.


Each day we will hike through forests or around scenic lakes, with views of the snow capped peaks around us.  We will likely see few people, besides the local residents, while hiking on this itinerary.  The highlight of this trip is our hut to hut hiking in the mountains, we will stay in basic mountain huts, allowing us to venture farther into the wilderness to view glaciers and ice carved valleys.  When in town, we stay at comfortable, locally owned hotels allowing us to interact with the friendly Argentines.  This itinerary is designed for women looking for an active vacation and a little exploration into the cultural of this amazing country. 


Join us for this fantastic women’s only hiking trip!


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Patagonia Trekking
Hut to Hut Trekking in the Lakes District

Date: December 03 - 14, 2011

Rating: Moderate to Challenging

Cost: $2995

Deposit: $500

Note: Prices subject to change
until a deposit is made.

Space Available: No

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