- Hit all three of the Northern High Sierra Camps - Tuolumne, Glen Aulin, and May Lake

- Enjoy light packs while exploring some of the most beautiful, rugged areas of Yosemite

4N High Sierra Camps
What's Included

- female Wilderness First Responder certified hiking guide

- All permits and reservations at the High Sierra Camps

- All meals included

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We are so excited to offer you a loop of the Northern Yosemite High Sierra Camps!  These permanent tent camps are available by lottery only and are in extremely high demand.

The High Sierra Camps allow us to explore Yosemite’s vast high country, free of the burden of a heavy overnight backpack. Located high in the Yosemite wilderness and accessible only by foot, each of the High Sierra Camps are located within the spectacular backdrops of the Yosemite backcountry. You won't need to carry any tents, group cooking gear, or food except personal snacks so your packs will be far lighter than the backpacking weights required if you were camping.

Overnight accommodations at Yosemite's High Sierra Camps include a full dinner and breakfast, served up family-style in cozy dining tents.  Box lunches will be prepared by the camp staff for our hikes each day.

All High Sierra Camp lodging is in canvas tent cabins with dormitory-style steel frame beds. Mattresses, pillows, and woolen blankets or comforters provided, but linens are not. You will be responsible for bringing and carrying your personal sleeping bags (recommended) or linens. Wood-burning stoves can heat tent cabins at all camps except Merced Lake. 

Minimum 4, maximum 7 clients; balance of $1195 due 90 days in advance on 05/25/15. 

Once you register for your trip, you will be sent an invitation to the trip on PathWrangler, the site we use to share the detailed itinerary, directions, gear list, as well as a forum for communicating with other clients and your guides. It is very important that you accept this invitation.

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Yosemite High Sierra Camps Loop Aug 2015
Hike the Northern section of the famed High Sierra Loop carrying day packs!

Date: August 25 - 29, 2015

Rating: Moderate

Cost: $1695

Note: Prices subject to change
until a deposit is made.

Space Available: 1 spot
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View Day By Day Itinerary

Day 1, 8/25 - Meet at Tuolumne Lodge & High Sierra Camp in the afternoon.
Day 2, 8/26 - Hike from Tuolumne to Glen Aulin High Sierra Camp.  The first several miles are flat and mellow, offering amazing views across Tuolumne Meadows of Yosemite giants such as Cathedral Peak, Unicorn Peak, Cockscomb, and Echo Peaks.  We cross beautiful open granite slabs and hike along the Tuolumne River.  The trail becomes more rugged and we will hike up and down small granite hills until we reach the waterfalls section, passing Tuolumne Falls and White Cascade before we reach the Glen Aulin High Sierra Camp at 7,840.  7 miles, approx 4-5 hrs.
Day 3, 8/27 - Hike to May Lake High Sierra Camp.  Today offers our best workout!  While not high mileage, we have a steady continuous climb to reach May Lake High Sierra Camp at 9,360.  We will pass right by MgGee Lake and be graced with views across the way of Polly Dome, Tenaya Peak, Pywiak Dome, and Medlicott Dome, the beautiful polished granite domes that are a hallmark of Yosemite.  The May Lake camp offers a serene final evening at the base of the dramatic Mt Hoffman, the geographical center of Yosemite National Park. 8.0 miles, approx 5-6 hrs.
Day 4, 8/28 - Return to Tuolumne Lodge & High Sierra Camp.  Today will be our highest mileage day but the going is easier.  We descend from May Lake to Tenaya Lake at 8,150 where we can take a leisurely break to soak in the relaxing feel of Tenaya Lake with Tenaya Peak and Tressider Peak looming over us.  We'll hike along the bases of Pywiack Dome, Medlicott Dome, and Fairview Domes.  The total mileage to return to the lodge on foot is 14 miles, however, there is a shuttle buss that travels this section, so the weary can hop on the shuttle to complete their return to the lodge!  We'll have a hearty celebration dinner at the lodge.  14 miles, approx 7-8 hrs.
Day 5, 8/29 - Departure.  After breakfast, you may depart or chose to linger and explore some of the short but piquresque hikes nearby such as Lembert Dome or Lyell Canyon with your new friends!