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Trip Highlights

Day 1 Arrival, Leave No Trace orientation...Day 2 North Lake to Piute Creek; managing group travel, basic first aid, cooking, hygiene...Day 3 Layover with day hike; leadership qualities, environmental hazards, map reading, route planning...Day 4 Cross country to Alsace Lake; cross-country travel, group dynamics, hazard evaluation, accident prevention...Day 5 Layover with dayhike; group communication, conflict resolution, compass skills...Day 6 French Canyon Trail; emergency procedures, evacuation planning...Day 7 Backpack out to North Lake; debrief the week

Accommodations: 6 nights camping

Women & Wilderness Leadership Course

Call of the Wild founding owner Carole Latimer and premiere National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) instructor and guide Leslie Appling join forces to team-teach this wilderness training course. They'll share their combined experience of 50 years of guiding. Both women are members of the California Outdoors Hall of Fame.

This class is designed for the woman contemplating a career as an outdoor professional, as well as for women who want to advance their outdoor skills to the guide level. Backpacking experience is a prerequisite for the course: it is challenging and not for beginners.

How do you stay warm and dry in a storm, keep your pack lightweight, or take a hot bath in the wilderness without heating water over a fire? In this course, you'll find out. But this is not a "survival" course. You won't learn how to stay alive in the woods by eating tree bark. Instead, this course will teach self-reliance, and give you the tools you'll need to become an outdoor leader.

Certification in the NOLS Leave No Trace Trainer course. Map reading, route finding, accident prevention, group dynamics, wilderness leadership, and outdoor cooking are emphasized.

Final Details and teaching topics will be available in December 2008.  Please contact the Call of the Wild office for more information or to express interest

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