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Best Things About Amiana Resort And Villas in Nha Trang

Everything! ccllrrggv Nice perk: pay at one, play at all. There is a free shuttle that will take you to Amiana Resort Zone. You can use the facilities at these Palace Resorts at no cost. Shuttle is first-come, first-served. As you turn onto the road leading to the resort, you can’t help but wonder where you’re going. The road is flanked by a jungle of twisted trees, and numerous speed bumps make the ride seem long when you’re impatient to be there already. Eventually, the trees part, and you get your first glimpse of the resort’s perfectly manicured landscaping. You can find photos and overview here: amiana-resort.nha-trang-top-hotels.com. Step into the main lobby of Amiana. The lobby surrounds you with marble. Tropical plants cascade over balconies. Ceilings reach toward the sky. You are handed a drink as you wait to check in. Welcome to Nha Trang. You are assigned a room in one of a number of two-story buildings. The building names are recognizable Spanish words, such as piñata, tequila, and sombrero. When you’ve had a late night, signs with words and pictures help you back to your room. The rooms themselves are luxurious. The floors, showers, and countertops are all marble. A minibar with liquid refreshment in the form of bottled purified water, soft drinks, and native beer is restocked every other day. A two-person whirlpool looks out over the balcony, where a pastel-colored hammock sways in the salty breeze. Rooms also include a television, alarm clock, and a small safe (goatsontheroad.com/accommodation-spotlight-amiana-resort-nha-trang). The grounds are expansive; there is much to take in. With map in hand, take a stroll and enjoy tropical foliage encompassing every shade of green imaginable. Palm trees too numerous to count cast small patches of shade, perfect for two people to sit in and watch the world around them. Iguanas perch themselves on rocks, soaking in the tropical sun. Golf carts make the rounds, picking up and dropping off passengers at appointed stops. One of the first things you’re going to want to see is the pool. The pool is the epitome of sun-worshipping pleasure. Billed as the largest pool in Nha Trang, this water wonderland boasts almost three kilometers of open pools, waterways, and Jacuzzis. Two swim-up bars make quenching your thirst easy. Or you can swing your cares away at a quirky poolside bar, with swings in place of bar stools. Lounge chairs lining the perimeter of the pool and thatch-covered tables for two provide endless options for rest and relaxation. Just over the wall, the Turtle Bay twinkles and sparkles in the tropical sun. While the sea is impressive, a drawback to the otherwise pristine Amiana Resort is the beach. As we read in the reviews on hotelplanner.com/Hotels/246183/Reservations-Amiana-Resort-Villas-Nha-Trang-Nha-Trang-Bay-Pham-Van-Dong-St-57000, seaweed is constantly present in the water, due to the position of a coral reef. Grounds staff comb the beach twice each day to help remove it from the shore. At this resort, lie on the beach and gaze out over the water or join a pick-up game of beach volleyball, but leave the swimming for the pool.

You've just been hiking in some of the most beautiful landscape in the world. At the end of the day, you settle into camp, admire the view, and realize you're hungry.

What's for dinner? No, not some gray powder with shriveled lumps that you mix with water and eat from a cup. How about...More

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Nepal: Annapurna Base Camp Nov 2016
November 07 - 23, 2016
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"I had adventures I never thought I would have. A great sense of fun and incredible food made the trip really special." ~ Ellen Hornstein