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We've been introducing women to backpacking since 1978.

Our backpack trips are for you if you want the independence, freedom, and challenge of carrying everything you need for a trip in your pack. More importantly, when you backpack you can really walk away from the world of automobiles into the more remote and untouched parts of the wilderness.

Backpacking trips can be a revelation, as you do without many of the things taken for granted in everyday life—and discover that you can.

Although backpacking can be more strenuous than hiking with only a daypack, you don't have to be an Amazon to do it and enjoy it.

On backpacking trips, food and group equipment are divided equally among the trip participants for portage. A typical pack weighs about 25 to 30 pounds on a short trip, and about 35 to 40 pounds on longer trips.

If you are new to backpacking, be sure to take the free pretrip class which is included in your trip fee. You will learn what to bring, and the best way to pack your backpack.

For weekend backpacking trips, we will focus on superlight backpacks under 30 pounds. Superlight backpacking is a new system that's convincing even hard-core backpackers to discard gear and go light.

There are many wonderful experiences you can have when you backpack—but one of the best is the feeling of accomplishment!

“I had only done a little backpacking before I started coming on trips. (Call of the Wild) accepts where you are and gives you the space to grow and become an adept woman in the wilderness.”—Carol Kulper


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Pre-trip classes are included in the price of a trip. To find out more, go to Pre-Trip Classes.

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