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swimming in a warm tarn on John Muir Trail  

"If you are looking for a physical, mental and emotional challenge—one that stretches you beyond your comfort zone; and yet, also want to maintain a sense of safety and security as you embark on a "new experience" then take the opportunity to be guided by the highly qualified outdoor leaders from Call of the Wild. You will not be disappointed!"
Susan Donker, VP Human Resources, Modesto.

"Thank you for a great time at Havasu. Your meals were so creative and delicious, the hikes were exhilarating and Havasu was awe-inspiring. Loved every minute of it! Hope to take another trip with you soon."
Cindy Trujillo

"The Call of the Wild difference is in the details and unexpected pleasures ...candlelight and fine wine in the desert, a secluded hot springs at the end of a long hike, flaming cherries jubilee around a roaring campfire. Just the right balance of challenge and relaxation. Carole's contagious enthusiasm for the good life outdoors keeps me coming back for more."
Susan Linn

"I learned what a pleasure it is to travel with others who share a sense of adventure, easily adapt to whatever the situation brings, and are comfortable enough to laugh, cry, accept help, express fear or simply enjoy being in a special place together."
Mary Lou Janson

"I participated in a six-day backpack trip whose goal was the summit of Mt Whitney. My participation amazed not only friends and family but also myself, because I had never backpacked or camped in my life, and because I had a significant case of agoraphobia (fear of heights). I made it to the summit and I have the pictures to prove it."Sonia Hullman

"The cross country ski trip ended up to be an empowering, liberating, and exhilarating experience. I am recently widowed. I love the outdoors. Call of the Wild made me realize I have a lot of exciting options and I can explore them in a safe, comfortable setting with other like-minded women."
Antonia Radillo Casados

"I knew that its effects wouldn't be known to me until after I was home awhile. I have gained inner strength, independence, and more self-assurance to go after what I want in my life."
Linda Ridgeway

"I hardly recognize myself without my walls, my second-guessing, my observer-self. This may be the first time I've truly experienced life in the first person, rather than the third."
Lynn Lawrence

"Climbing Whitney for the first time was a transformational trek. I learned that I'm a strong person physically and emotionally. I feel totally empowered. Great Gals!"
Michele Wheldon


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