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presenting Thai Tom Yum Soup   sushi on the trail (with smoked fish)

You've just been hiking in some of the most beautiful landscape in the world. At the end of the day, you settle into camp, admire the view, and realize you're hungry.

What's for dinner? No, not some gray powder with shriveled lumps that you mix with water and eat from a cup. How about herbed sun-dried tomatoes and sourdough bread, or smoked salmon with capers?

The main course may be creamy seafood pasta or Tex-Mex tacos or coconut-flavored Thai Tom Yum Soup made with fresh vegetables. Then, when you think you can't eat another bite, there's dessert.on some nights, fresh-baked brownies and a hot cup of tea around the campfire, as you talk about the day's doings.

The next morning, you get up and discover, guess what, you're hungry again. Breakfast is served—chicken-apple sausages with hash brown potatoes, or pancakes with maple syrup and home-made jam, or fresh-baked cinnamon coffeecake. All this goes down with freshly brewed gourmet coffee.

Call of the Wild cooking focuses on fresh local ingredients whenever available. You'll feast on luscious fruits in Hawaii, fresh-caught salmon in Alaska, and our specialty, Anasazi Stew, in the Southwest.

We do not serve freeze-dried meals. Even for our backpacking trips, we serve some fresh food plus food we dehydrate ourselves for better flavor. Our backpackers enjoy dishes like buckwheat pancakes, French onion soup, sausage and cabbage casserole--even fresh green salad.

We'll be cooking from the many delicious recipes in Wilderness Cuisine, the definitive backcountry cookbook by Call of the Wild founder Carole Latimer.

Some of our clients tell us, they don't eat this well at home!



Our food is so good, we have a book about it. Find out about Carole Latimer's cookbook, Wilderness Cuisine.

Don't just take our word about how good our recipes are. Try our recipes for Herbed Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Pesto, Chicken Piccata, and Anasazi Stew.


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