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Cooking FoodAbout Our Food
Out on the trail you'll feast on fresh-baked coffee cake, pesto fettucini, Thai and Indian food--even fresh green salads--and other delectable dishes from Carole Latimer's cookbook Wilderness Cuisine. Breakfasts are accompanied by Peet's coffee! In our lodgings, meals may feature roast lemon chicken or you'll be treated to local fare such as grilled Ahi (tuna) with papaya salsa in Hawaii or fresh-caught salmon in Alaska. We use high-quality ingredients with fresh herbs, fruits, vegetables (garden tomatoes in season) and home-canned goods (Peggy Latimer's Rhubarb-Raspberry Jam) from the Latimer family garden and orchard in the California gold country. People love the special feasts we serve, and we feel that good food adds to the fun on Call of the Wild trips.

How StrenuousHow Strenuous are our Trips?
Our trips run the gamut from easy-going with lodging on tropical beaches to challenging backpacking at high altitudes. Most of our trips include women of many ages and different levels of fitness and experience. We suggest pre-trip conditioning, but much more important is a positive attitude and a sense of humor.

What Your Trip Includes
Trip prices include experienced leadership, tents or lodging, group equipment, a pre-trip class, and excellent food. Other special items may be included as well: yoga instruction, pack animals, bush planes, an archaeology tour, and more.

What to Bring
We provide most of the equipment for your trip. On receipt of your deposit, we'll send you an explicit list of things to bring. You provide your clothing and personal gear: sleeping bag and pad, daypack or backpack (these things can be rented). Our pre-trip class will help you choose just the right clothing and gear for your trip and is highly recommended. If you can't attend the class, call us and request the class booklet.

Transportation Information
Unless specifically indicated on the itinerary, transportation is not included in the price of your trip. However, we can give you guidance with travel arrangements, put you in contact with other trip participants from your area, and help arrange car rental sharing. We provide detailed directions to the trip meeting place, and can help you with carpooling--particularly to destinations in proximity to the San Francisco Bay Area. Call us if you want to carpool.

We operate under special use permits issued by Yosemite, Grand Canyon, and Denali National Parks, the Inyo National Forest; the Bureau of Land Management, the National Forest Service, the California Department of Parks and Recreation, and others. We are fully insured and our leaders are trained in CPR and Wilderness First Aid.

Which Trip is Right for You?
We offer a wide range of adventures which give you an opportunity to venture someplace completely different and do something you've never done before. If you're wondering whether a certain trip suits you or if you want other information, please call, e-mail, or fax us. We can tell you more about trips that interest you and e-mail or fax a trip itinerary to you. You can rely on our 22 years of experience to help you choose a trip that's right for you.

To Sign Up for a Trip
Your deposit reserves your place and may be sent in with the Trip Application Form and the Liability Release Form which you can print, fill out and mail to the address below. A telephone call reserves your place for seven days, pending receipt of your deposit. When we receive your deposit we'll send you an equipment list and other expanded details about your trip.

Make checks payable to: Call of the Wild;
Mail to: 2519 Cedar Street, Berkeley, CA 94708.

Trip Ratings
Call of the Wild offers two kinds of hiking trips -HIKING-LIGHT and BACKPACKING-and ratings are assigned within the context of each kind of trip.

HIKING-LIGHT (H-L) trips are generally easier and you hike with only a light daypack. Hikes may be from a base camp or your gear may be transported by pack animals, boat, or other means. Most of these trips are within the ability of anyone who has done a reasonable amount of conditioning before the trip.

BACKPACKING (BKPK) trips are more strenuous-but you don't have to be an Amazon to enjoy backpacking! Food and gear are divided equally for portage, and packs weigh about 25-30 lbs. on weekend trips, around 35-40 lbs. on longer trips. Some backpacking trips are challenging, others are for beginners.

Both H-L and BKPK trip ratings are determined by trip length, pace, altitude, elevation changes and daily mileage: Easy, 2-4 miles/day; Easy/Moderate; Moderate; 5-9 miles/day; Moderate/Challenging; Challenging, Up to 10 (or more) miles/day.

Private Trips
Would you like to create a trip for your group of friends? Maybe you want to celebrate one of those milestone birthdays by climbing a mountain! We custom-design trips for groups, from day hikes to week-long wilderness trips. Usually seven people are needed to make up a group, and we'll give you one free trip for every 11 paid guests.

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To order a trip itinerary or color brochure please e-mail trips@callwild.net