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wow! Mt McKinley in Alaska  

“Call of the Wild has become one of the most popular adventure programs for women in America, with about 3,000 having completed trips. Most leave saying they have developed great camaraderie with their companions, all who are not only learning about the outdoors, but gaining a new sense of personal power.”
Tom Stienstra, San Francisco Examiner

“...a pioneer in women's outdoor trips...”
San Francisco Chronicle

“Call of the Wild is known for its delicious meals... Thai Tom Yum and Szechuan snow peas, linguine and pesto, sherried mushroom bisque, even flaming cherries jubilee for dessert.”
Gail Fisher, Los Angeles Times

“When wilderness outfitter, Carole Latimer launched Call of the Wild in 1978, all-women backpacking trips were as common as chandeliers in a pup tent.”
Laura Bly, USA Today

“If you still can't conjure up an image of what it might be like to spend days in the wilderness in the company of women, just imagine a slumber party with a group of your best friends...”
Women's Sports and Fitness

“Most people look at the big plastic bag and think about taking out the trash. Carole Latimer looks at a big plastic bag and thinks about soaking in a portable hot tub on a hilly meadow. That's what almost twenty years of leading adventure tours and hikes will do for you.”
American Airlines Magazine

  Learn more about Call of the Wild in an article written for the San Francisco Examiner by Outdoors columnist Tom Stienstra. Go to Call of the Wild article.  

Our Muir Wilderness trip was featured in Cooking Light Magazine's Enlightened Cooks series, May 2006. Enjoy these recipes:

  Outside Magazine wanted to know how we camp with both challenge and comfort, so they asked us to lead a group of staffers to the summit of Mt Whitney. We had a good time, and we think they did too. Go to Outside Magazine article.  
  A journalist goes on our backpacking adventure along the beautiful Lost Coast. Go to the Lost Coast article.  
  Call of the Wild founder Carole Latimer joins the Outdoors Hall of Fame. Read the article.  

We were interviewed on the CBS Early Show. For a longer, healthier life—go hiking! Go to the CBS webpage and see the Video. Go...


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