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"Call of the Wild has become one of the most popular adventure programs for women in America, with about 3,000 having completed trips. Most leave saying they have developed great camaraderie with their companions, all who are not only learning about the outdoors, but gaining a new sense of personal power."
Tom Stienstra, San Francisco Examiner

"When we tested her recipes on our Coleman two-burner camp stove, the results were delicious."
Barbara Goldman, Sunset Magazine

"The adventuring world knows Carole Latimer as a sort of Julia Child. Her cookbook, 'Wilderness Cuisine,' which features such backpackable delights as Havasu Watercress Salmon and Thai Tom Yum soup, made her a star among outdoorsy food-lovers."
Mike Steere, Universal Press Syndicate

"Call of the Wild is known for its delicious meals... Thai Tom Yum and Szechuan snow peas, linguine and pesto, sherried mushroom bisque - even flaming cherries jubilee for dessert."
Gail Fisher, Los Angeles Times

"...a pioneer in women's outdoor trips..."
San Francisco Chronicle

"Women- Only Trips Flourish
When wilderness outfitter, Carole Latimer launched Call of the Wild in 1978, all-women backpacking trips were as common as chandeliers in a pup tent."
Laura Bly, USA Today

"If you still can't conjure up an image of what it might be like to spend days in the wilderness in the company of women, just imagine a slumber party with a group of your best friends..."
Womens' Sports and Fitness

"Most people look at the big plastic bag and think about taking out the trash. Carole Latimer looks at a big plastic bag and thinks about soaking in a portable hot tub on a hilly meadow. That's what almost twenty years of leading adventure tours and hikes will do for you."
American Way (American Airlines Magazine)


"Latimer's book reads as if Wolfgang Puck just redid the cooking section of the Boy Scouts manual."
Pat Dillon, San Jose Mercury News

"Not only a basic how-to on the art of eating well in the outdoors, it also offers a fresh approach to the subject."
Backpacker Magazine

"Wilderness Cuisine...the indispensable backpacker's bible"
Outside Magazine

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