Join us for the classic Kilimanjaro trek via the Machame route - known for its beauty and high summit success rate!

2N hotel, 6N camping
What's Included

- All food on trek included; can accomodate vegetarian, gluten free, and lactose intolerant diets

- Wilderness First Responder certified female Call of the Wild guide with extensive experience guiding at high altitude and in developing countries

- All gear carried by porters

- "Amentities" such as a dreamy thick sleeping pad, hot water bottles at night, and portable camp toilet

- Optional safari extension (well worth it!)

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You are welcome to sign up for the waiting list OR visit our Canadian sister company, Wild Women Expeditions, to register for their Kilimanjaro 2015 trip and safari.

Hike to the Roof of Africa with a group of all women!  At 19,340ft, Kilimanjaro is one of the “seven summits” – highest peaks on each of the seven continents.  The views are said to be the most expansive in the world and the trek offers a unique opportunity to see many different flora and fauna as we ascend the mountain in a supportive community of women. 

While no previous trekking or camping experience is *required*, you must be prepared to undergo a hiking training regimen to ensure you are able to hike at altitude for seven days straight.  This peak is very accessible to the beginner IF you are willing to put the time in to make sure you have strong hiking legs and aerobic conditioning.  Please contact us with your questions!

Contact us if you would like to add on the safari extension from September 5-9, 2014.  More details and to sign up, click here -

Compare our prices to other competitors!  We offer a lower cost trip at "Western standards" with an experienced female Call of the Wild guide. What our clients have to say:

"Kilimanjaro was amazing and Tanzania was magical! We hiked at a VERY, VERY slow pace, which made for great success as we made our way to higher elevation and we were never out of breath – even on summit day!

Beyond our female guide, Emilie Cortes, the owner, we had a crew of 19 taking care of the 4 of us - probably the only time I will be waited on by that many men! They were kind, friendly and very respectful boys & men; we got to know most of them quite well and enjoyed many laughs!

When we would get into camp our tents were set up with sleeping pads, pillows and our duffles inside. We were even provided with a fleece covered hot water bottle to keep in our sleeping bag during the night. Tea, coffee, etc was brought to the tent each morning along with bowls of warm water for washing. The water bowls were also brought each afternoon / evening when we would get into camp. We were catered to and fed very well.

Summit day was challenging, but only because it was a very long day that extended into Day 6. The trail was easy, but steep and we continued with our mind-numbing slow pace. Others would pass us by, but it wouldn't be long before we would be passing them laid out on the trail or crouched over their hiking poles or vomiting. There really is a lot to say about “pole pole”, the mantra on this mountain (Swahili for slowly, slowly). We were back at base camp between 12 - 1; took a nap and then hiked down 2-3 miles to another camp so it made for a very long & tiring day...but Kilimanjaro was ours!  :-)"  R.W. Portland, ME

"I'm a single, physically fit woman in my mid 40's and wanted to face my fears and challenge myself more than I had ever dreamed. People seem to "talk" about climbing Kili (I did for 10 years!) but, many rarely try. I was uneasy about the idea of being with single men or romantic couples so, the idea of an all female group was something I was thinking about and am now a forever fan of Call of The Wild. The trips they offer women are, simply, empowering beyond the physical. The lasting impression they leave emotionally is... what life is all about. Believe me, if you can summit Kili? Everything else feels easy. That being said, with Emilie as our leader and a group of diverse, endlessly interesting woman with passions for sizing life made it a blast all-around! Unless you psych yourself out with worry, YOU can make it to! Emilie is patient and loves answering every question you have. I never felt like I was annoying her with my constant emails with questions about packing, altitude, what shots to take, snacks to bring, etc. Her communication made the adventure much easier than I though it would. She is extraordinarily well versed and experienced in mountaineering (she's climbed them ALL- many times) and, if you're lucky enough to climb Kili with her, you will see what I'm talking about. Everything on the trip was organized to a tee so, there was almost no room for error. The guides she works with in Tanzania are the BEST! I just sent Christmas gifts to them because I will adore them forever. The Guides (Porters) speak very good English, have done thousands of climbs and make you feel safe the entire time. The food was amazing! I'm lactose intolerant and there was a vegetarian and someone who couldn't eat gluten and, while climbing Kili, every meal was custom made for each diet. I was astonished by that. At night the porters would give us water bottles we called our "babies" as they kept us comfy and warm. I ALWAYS felt safe and taken care while challenging myself at the same time. The summit is...worth it. How many people do you know that have seen the sun rise over Kili as you summit? Life changing..."  -Studio City, CA

Minimum 4, maximum 12 clients; balance of $3,795 due 90 days in advance on 6/01/16.

Once you register for your trip, you will be sent an invitation to the trip on PathWrangler, the site we use to share the detailed itinerary, directions, gear list, as well as a forum for communicating with other clients and your guides. It is very important that you accept this invitation.

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Kilimanjaro Sept 2016
Trek the highest peak in Africa!

Date: September 01 - 08, 2016

Rating: Challenging

Cost: $4695

Note: Prices subject to change
until a deposit is made.

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View Day By Day Itinerary

Sept 1:  Arrive in Arusha, Tanzania via Kilimanjaro International Airprt (JRO) 

Sept 2: Machame Gate (1,800m/5,905ft) to Machame Camp (3,000m/9,840ft)

Elevation Gain:1,200 meters, 3,935 feet

Hiking time: 6 to 7 hours

 At 9am, leave Arusha for Machame Gate, where you will meet our porters, guides and cooks that will spend the next six days trekking with you to Uhuru Peak, the roof of Africa. The drive through coffee farms and villages to Machame Gate takes about 1.5 hours. After arriving, we register your climb and the porters and guides make final preparations.

 Hike to Machame Camp via the mystical, moss-covered trees of Kilimanjaro’s cloud forest. As the forest thins later in the hike, take in the heathers, tall grasses and wildflowers. If the weather is clear, enjoy the striking views of your ultimate destination, Kibo Peak. Our porters and cooks will go ahead and prepare the campsite before you arrive.  

 Sept 3: Machame Camp (3,000m/9,840ft) to Shira Camp (3,840m/12,600ft)

Elevation Gain:840 meters, 2,760 feet

Hiking time: 6 to 8 hours

Today’s trek includes several uphill sections so carry plenty of drinking water as it can be hot hiking on a clear day. There are several viewpoints from which to view the plains and forests below, and the commanding Kibo and Mawenzi peaks above. 

Notice the change in vegetation as you gain altitude. The trees diminish in size, giving way to Kilimanjaro’s famous high altitude plants, Scenecio kilimanjari and Lobelia deckenii. After lunch, climb the Shira Plateau, created when Kibo’s lava flows filled the Shira crater. Continue to Shira Camp and relax for the rest of the day. Kibo lies to the west and Mount Meru to the east. 

Sept 4: Shira Camp (3,840m/12,600ft) to Barranco Camp (3,950m/12,960ft)

Total Elevation Gain: 690 meters, 2,264 feet

Hiking time: 6 to 8 hours

Although this up and down day ends with an elevation gain of only 110 meters, by early afternoon you will have climbed 690 meters to a height of 4,530 meters before beginning your descent to Barranco Camp. This day is crucial for acclimatization.

After breakfast, hike east on the Shira Plateau before reaching the junction for the Shira and Lemosho Routes. Continue on through the barren landscape before stopping for lunch. Shortly after lunch, reach the highest point of the day before descending quickly to Barranco Camp. Faster hikers can take a detour via Lava Tower, a 300-foot lava formation jutting out of the mountainside.

Sept 5: Barranco Camp (3,950m/12,960ft) to Karanga Camp (4,200m/13,780ft)

Elevation Gain: 250 meters, 820 feet

Distance: 7 Kilometers

Hiking time: 3 to 5 hours

 Leave Barranco Camp after breakfast for Karanga Valley. The day begins with an hour-and-a-half scramble up the Barranco Wall. This is the hardest part of the day and in some places you may have to use your hands to aid your climb. After reaching the top, hike through fairly level terrain before making a short but steep descent into the green Karanga River Valley.  

 Sept 6: Karanga Valley (4,200m/13,780ft) to Barafu Camp (4,600m/15,100ft)

Elevation Gain: 400 meters, 1,320 feet

Hiking time: 3 to 5 hours

After breakfast, begin the hike to Barafu Camp. On the way to Barafu, view several of Kibo’s glaciers as well as the junction that connects the descent route, Mweka, with the Machame trail. During day four, hike by the Heim, Kersten and Decken Glaciers. Although the trail to Barafu passes through alpine desert with little vegetation, Barafu Camp offers stunning views of Kibo and Mawenzi peaks. Try to sleep upon finishing dinner as you will wake before midnight for your summit hike.  

Sept 7: Barafu Camp (4,600m/15,100ft) to Uhuru Peak (5,895m/19,340ft) to Mweka Camp (3,100m/10,170ft)7
Elevation Gain: 1,295 meters, 4,240 feet

Elevation Loss: 2,795 meters, 9,170 feet

Hiking time: 14-16 hours

Around midnight, begin the final ascent to Uhuru Peak. Hike by the light of your headlamp for the next six hours. The ascent to the crater rim is the most challenging part of the entire trek. The trail is steep until you reach the crater rim at Stella Point.

The hike from Stella Point to Uhuru Peak is a gradual climb and, as far as hikes go, not very difficult. The altitude, however, makes the hike long and tiring. The crater rim hike takes approximately one hour. Upon reaching Uhuru, take photos of your guide and group at the peak before beginning the descent to Mweka Camp. On the way down from Uhuru, enjoy views of the mountain, crater, clouds and glaciers. 

 At Barafu Camp, eat breakfast and take a short break. You still have another three to five hours to go before reaching Mweka Camp.  This is a day when you are grateful for the assistance of trekking poles!

 Sept 8: Mweka Camp (3,100m/10,170ft) to Mweka Gate (1,500m/4,920ft)

Elevation Loss: 1,600 meters, 5,250 feet

Hiking time: 4 hours

After breakfast, finish the trek with a hike through the forest to Mweka Gate. The trail may be slippery following rain. The vehicles will meet you at the lower station of Mweka Gate to take you back to Arusha.