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Trips for 2007


Grand Canyon: Havasu Mule Pack with Base Camp (April)

Grand Canyon Backpack: Hermit Trail (May)

Yosemite Falls Beginner Backpack (July)

John Muir Wilderness Gourmet Hiker's Trips with Base Camp (Aug)

Mt. Whitney Backpack (Aug)

South Lake to North Lake Backpack King's Canyon, Dusy Basin, Evolution Region (Sept)

Yosemite Classic Backpack: Tenaya Lake to Yosemite Valley with climbs of Cloud's Rest and Half Dome (Sept)

Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley: A Women's Trek along the Inca Trail (Sept)

Anasazi Canyonlands and rafting the San Juan River with Base Camp (Sept)

Big Sur Backpack with hike to Sykes Hot Springs (Oct)

Questions? E-mail us at trips@callwild.net.


Trips with Lodging—No Camping


The great outdoors by day, the comfy indoors at night—by popular request.

Lake Tahoe Cross-Country Ski & Snowshoe with Yoga and Lodging (Feb, Mar)

it's back! Mexico: Semana Santa
in Copper Canyon (Mar)

Lake Tahoe Wildflower Hikes with Yoga and Lodging (June)

Lake Tahoe Autumn Leaves Hikes with Yoga and Lodging (Oct)

Oaxaca, Mexico: Aztec Ruins, Artisans and Day of the Dead Festival (Oct)




We often have part-time office or food prep positions available.

We do not consider anyone looking for a guide position unless she has had several years of professional wilderness experience and is a certified wilderness first responder.

For more information on jobs, call or e-mail Carole Latimer. Phone 510-849-9292, e-mail to trips@callwild.net.


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